The easiest way to share your contact details and connect with colleagues.

Say goodbye to traditional business cards… Your MEDD eBusiness card won’t end up in the bin. 

MEDD is all about creating network connections, which is why we developed an eBusiness card utility so you can share all of your details through a smartphone. 

Your eCard profile functions like your own mini website.

Host your contact details, website links, referral forms and any other information you would like your colleagues to access.
Once connected, your eCard profile is easily accessed through your contact details on their phone
Making any changes to your eCard profile immediately updates the contact record on their phone
Your eCard is now conveniently integrated into your MEDD profile so members can scan your QR code when viewing your profile

Your eCard and MEDD is the ultimate networking tool. ​

Share your eCard link in person through the MEDD app or NFC card
Include your profile link in your email signature
Embed your QR code into your presentation so the audience can scan and connect with you throughout

Manage your entire practice or team with ease.

Create and manage multiple profiles from a single dashboard account
Personalise the branding for maximum recognition and exposure​
Delegate your profile management to your support team

Be creative

The MEDD Linkd utility is not just great for connecting and sharing contact details, the applications are limitless.

Patient resources and education material
Digital forms
Medical education
Event invites
Create and share
Brand them by condition, organisation, or event.
Whatever you can put on a website can go on a MEDD Linkd profile, so GET CREATIVE.

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