Please read the additional resources:

1) CRYSTAL AF trial is mentioned in Dr Kieran Dauber’s presentation and highlights the benefit of an implantable cardiac monitor in patients post unheralded stroke (presumed cause primary episode of undiagnosed AF). This trial highlighted a significant number of patients who had asymptomatic AF for prolonged periods of time who would benefit from NOACS-OACS. Click here to view

2) One of the original TAVI trials comparing very high-risk patients who were refused surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) due to their risk, and using the two original products available which validate the real-world data in 2010. Click here to view

3) Lastly, is the latest low-risk data which demonstrates a significant reduction in MACE as per the trial protocols. It’s the 3rd in the PARTNER series and is considered the gold standard in clinical trials comparing TAVI to SAVR and is used by clinicians to demonstrate the ongoing improvement in the TAVI arena and the overall benefits to patients. Click here to view