MEDD Live Virtual Medical Conference


01 Aug 2020


8:00am - 5:00pm

MEDD Live is a national event aimed at bringing the medical community together to learn through clinical presentations and workshops and build better connections during these uncertain times. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has made it almost impossible for doctors to meet face to face for educational events and networking, the reality is, it’s never been easy. However, the recent worldwide shutdown has shown us we can adapt quickly by leveraging technology to create more efficient communication channels through virtual meeting places and digital networks. MEDD Live is a virtual conference designed for convenience, allowing attendees to join from anywhere, at any time, while giving the presenters the flexibility to present from anywhere, dressed in almost anything. The MEDD Live Conference will have a strong focus on the theme of Innovate, Adapt and Connect, encouraging attendees to: – Become more familiar with MedTech innovation and advances in patient management, – Learn tactical strategies to adapt and grow their practice, and – Connect with like-minded medical professionals. Attendees have the option of participating in live sessions or accessing presentation recordings later by simply logging into the Conference Channel on MEDD.com.au. They can also connect with your company, the presenters and each other, on our dedicated medical networking platform. And while the conference will come to an end, the value of the content increases two-fold being hosted on the MEDD learning platform and promoted through participating organisations and the MEDD network. Even when the pandemic is over and regular meeting invites return to our calendars, the virtual event and digital network will be a valuable and efficient channel to distribute ongoing educational content to. To learn more about the MEDD Live Conference: Click Here   Conference Schedule

National conference dates: 1st August – 23rd August

Proposed GP program schedule: TBC

– August 1st – 2nd QLD – August 8th – 9th NSW/ACT – August 15th – 16th VIC/TAS – August 22nd – 23rd WA/SA/NT



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