[last updated October 2020]

Event Terms and Conditions 2020

These terms and conditions relate to the Delegates registration and attendance of MEDD Events


1. Registration 

1.1 Acceptance of Registration to attend MEDD events is at the discretion of Connect The Docs Pty Ltd (Connect The Docs). Once registration is accepted, delegates will be emailed confirmation to the emailed address nominated on the registration form.

1.2 Registrations will not be accepted unless an APHRA number or relevant Medical Registration Number are included on the registration form. 

1.3 Some events have limited capacity. Access will be granted on a first come basis. 

2. The MEDD Live Conference  

2.1 MEDD Events and Webinars are organised and hosted by Connect The Docs and relevant sponsoring or participating organisations.

2.2 MEDD event and webinar sessions will be hosted using the Zoom webinar platform owned and operated by Zoom Video Communications Inc or Vimeo Live platform owned and operated by Vimeo, Inc. Connect The Docs does not accept any liability for delegate’s information stored. 


3. Obligations and Rights of Connect The Docs

3.1 Connect The Docs will run the Event in a competent manner and handle all attendee bookings and communications.

3.2 Connect The Docs will provide registered attendees email notification of session times and webinar links and instructions on how to access the webinar facilities. 

3.3 Connect The Docs will provide registered and verified attendees access to the medd.com.au platform to view all session recordings. 

3.4 Connect The Docs reserves the right to remove attendees from webinar speaker session without any liability, in its absolute discretion, including (without limitation), for failure to comply with these Delegate Conditions

3.5 Connect The Docs reserves the right at any time to: 

    1. Change the format, webinar technology or timing of the sessions in order to meet planned scheduling requirements. 
    2. The session topics and speakers are accurate at the time of publishing the program, however, Connect The Docs may make changes to scheduling as required, however, will use reasonable efforts to provide speakers with a timely notification. 


4. Your obligations and rights 

4.1 By registering, you warrant your details as provided are true and correct.

4.2 You understand that the content in these events are for Health Professionals only.

4.3 You are expected to behave in a professional and appropriate manner during all webinar sessions. 

4.4 Recording of webinar sessions, audio or visual material is prohibited without prior written consent.

4.5 The webinar content is obtained from sources believed to be reputable and reliable. Connect The Docs accepts no liability for any inaccuracy, misrepresentation, personal comments made by any of the speakers during the conference. The information presented is not professional advice or a substitute for seeking professional advice, or as a full consideration of particular circumstances faced by the delegate. 

4.6 Acting in accordance with the information provided by the conference does not guarantee discharge of any duty. Participants are expected to exercise their own judgement as to the suitability and applicability of information provided during any presentation sessions. 


5. Privacy statement

5.1 Protecting your privacy and your personal information is an important aspect of the way the Connect The Docs conducts its activities, online and offline.

5.2 You acknowledge that the webinar sessions will be recorded and hosted on the MEDD platform and your written communication, via the chat function, during the webinar may be included in these recordings. 

5.3 By submitting a Registration Form, you consent to Connect The Docs collecting, using and disclosing your personal information to our event management and education partners to carry out their duties in running this event. This may include the production of delegate lists to conference sponsors or for marketing and related CPD accreditation processes.

5.4 By registering to this event you agree to being contacted by Connect The Docs, through the medical platform, medd.com.au or direct email, for the purpose of event management communications, promoting future educational events and webinars, and access to medical content or to receive an invitation to join the medical networking platform healthcombined.com  

5.4 In all other aspects, Connect The Docs will collect, use and disclose personal information provided to it in accordance with its Privacy Statement or provided on request.


6. Postponement and cancellation of Event

6.1 Connect The Docs may postpone or extend the Event period at our discretion for any reason.

6.2 Connect The Docs will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by you if the Event is postponed or extended for any reason.  


These Delegate Conditions are governed by the laws exercised by the courts in the State of Victoria, Australia. Each party irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

Delegates who do not wish to give permission for the above terms and conditions, must please contact [email protected]