Immunity, disease and immunisation in older adults

Immunity, disease and immunisation course

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“Immunity, disease and immunisation in older adults” is the first of a four-part CPD-accredited 2022 Healthy Ageing Masterclass series.

It is estimated that there will be nearly 9 million people in Australia aged ≥ 50 years by the end of 2022 highlighting the importance of understanding health in an ageing population.1

Join Dr Sarah Chu and Dr Daman Langguth to discuss healthy ageing and the impact that ageing has on both an individual’s susceptibility to infectious diseases and decreased response to vaccination. As healthcare providers, we have opportunities to partner with our patients to jointly increase ‘healthspan’ along with their lifespan.


Learning Objectives:

  1. To conduct a brief overview of the immune system in older adults
  2. To assess the impact of age-related decline in immunity in older adults
  3. To discuss healthy ageing in adults aged 50 and above
  4. To discuss the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in older adults


1. IBISWorld. Population aged 50 and older. Updated March 3, 2022. Available here






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Dr Sarah Chu
General Practitioner
Daman Langguth Clinical Immunologist
Dr Daman Langguth
Clinical Immunologist


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